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INSPIRASI - Hubs for Marriage Preparation & Enrichment  
Marriage is a journey of a lifetime and it is important that you start it right.

It takes commitment, effort and skills to nourish a relationship. We encourage you and your partner to start the journey to build a strong foundation for your marriage early.

INSPIRASI programmes cater to couples where either partner is below 21 years old. Grooms aged 21 to 24 years old are also encouraged to attend the programmes with their partners.

*Note: The new requirements under AMLA that will take effect from 22 October 2018 are intended to provide greater support to couples who are minors, where at least one of them is below 21 years old, and getting married. Find out the details on the new requirements here.

INSPIRASI’s programmes include:
i. Marriage Preparation for young couples and their parents comprising:
  • Premarital Consultations
    In this session, staff of INSPIRASI Hubs will engage you, your partner and your parents in a pre-marriage conversation, to better understand, clarify and address any concerns that you and/or your parents may have about the marriage, and discuss post-marriage plans. You and your partner will also be introduced to other programmes and services offered by the INSPIRASI Hubs to support you in your marital journey.
ii. Marriage Preparation Workshop
  • You and your partner will learn essential skills and knowledge to build a strong foundation in your marriage through fun and interactive workshops and couple sessions. Sessions for parents and/or guardians are also provided as they play important role in young couples’ marriages.

Following completion of the marriage preparation programme, you will receive a certificate of completion. Please produce this certificate during the marriage application process at ROMM.

Couples will benefit from INSPIRASI ongoing support for the first ten years of marriage. INSPIRASI’s post-marriage support includes:
  • Club INSPIRASI Marriage Enrichment Activities - Couples will be equipped with skills and knowledge to manage challenges and strengthen family life through interactive couples and/or family activities.

  • Engagement and Support Group Sessions - Couples can learn from peers and the facilitator on how to address practical issues in the marriage and provide information and tips to help couples enrich their marriage and family life. Through these sessions, they can provide mutual support to one another along their marital journey.

  • Casework & Counselling – For couples who need stronger support in managing challenges in their marriage and family life.

  • Information & Referral – Couples will be provided with information on relevant schemes, programmes and services, for referral where necessary.

To find out more about the programme, you can contact one of the INSPIRASI Hubs:
Blk 322 Bukit Batok St 33 #01-16
Singapore 650322
Tel: 6561 1049
Office Hours :
Monday – Friday: 9 am to 5 pm
Saturday : By Appointment only
1 Pasir Ris Drive 4 #05-11
Singapore 519457
Tel: 6416 3960 or 6416 3961
Office Hours :
Monday – Friday: 9 am to 6 pm
Last Updated: 11 November 2021