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Marriage is a life-long journey. And like every journey, it is important to be prepared for the challenges ahead. While the future can be uncertain, you and your spouse are encouraged to make every effort towards building a strong and long-lasting marriage.

Marriage preparation programmes are designed to address the needs of different types of marriages. The different programmes provide an effective platform for couples to glean relevant information and tips to strengthen their marriage.

Following completion of the marriage preparation programme, you will receive a certificate of attendance. Please produce this certificate during the marriage application process at ROMM.
Cinta Abadi... Marriage of a Lifetime for First Marriages
If you are entering marriage for the first time, begin your journey with Cinta Abadi Marriage Preparation Programme. From July 2016, Cinta Abadi will cater to Muslim first marriages with grooms aged 25 years old and above.
Programme for Young Couples
If either you or your partner is below 21 years old, find out what makes a successful marriage in the Marriage Preparation Programme for Young Couples by INSPIRASI Hubs. Marriage enrichment and consultation services are also available. Grooms aged 21 to 24 years old are also encouraged to attend the programme with their partners.

*Note: The changes to the minor marriage application requirements that will take effect from 22 October 2018 are intended to provide greater support to couples who are minors, where at least one of them is below 21 years old, and getting married. Find out the details on the new requirements here.
Remarriage Preparation Programme
Is this a remarriage for you or your partner? Learn how to make this marriage work and pick up tips on step-parenting and helping the children adjust to a new family in the Remarriage Preparation Programme.
Last Updated: 11 November 2021